Another high-profile birthday bash in Bollywood

Another high-profile birthday bash in BollywoodAfter Karan Johar, now Bollywood is gearing up to celebrate the birthday of TV queen Ekta Kapoor, who is turning 37 today. Though the noted producer has flown to Tirupati for an early morning darshan of Balaji with her family and has no big plans for today, Ekta will throw a birthday bash on June 9. She said, Theres no better way to celebrate. I am going to Tirupati with my family and will return home by afternoon post the darshan. In the evening, I just want to chill with my family and a couple of my close friends. My birthdays have always been huge bashes every year. And this year, thanks to Vidya Balan and The Dirty Picture, its anyways been one non-stop celebration for me (laughs). So, for a change I will just take it easy today I guess. Talking about the birthday party to be organized on June 9, the filmmaker and soap queen said, Thats not a bash, its just a dinner with a bunch of my close friends from the industry and also outside. Many of them are going to be away today for an awards event, also 9th is a Saturday so we will just get together then. About her birthday wish-list, she said, First of all, I hope to lose more weight by my next birthday (laughs) and be more healthy. That apart, I wish to have at least three big ticket releases next year. Yes, so overall, I hope its a happy and healthy year. Marriage is still not on her wish-list as she feels married to her work already. Honestly time kahaan hai, Ekta said.