Apurva Asrani Shares His Views On How Simran Finally Turned Out

Recently, Kangana starrer ‘Simran’ has been released and it seems that the Queen actress has outshone her own performance in it even though the film has received an average star from critics. Earlier, it was heard that Kangana had contributed to the script of Hansal Mehta’s ‘Simran’. However, it was still ambiguous how much effort the actress has put in.

But, recently a source revealed, “A lot of the dialogues that were written for other characters were finally mouthed by Kangana”, further adding that Apurva has written the bank robberies part differently. Apurva said, “I just watched Simran for the first time today. It’s quite different from what I had imagined, but I don’t think I can be objective. I’m just happy that people are enjoying it, as a lot of hard work from everyone involved went into it".

Moreover, according to reports, Kangana rewrote the scenes making it more quirky and comical, the source in the know revealed that Kangana also improvised the lovemaking and her sexual harassment scenes. She wrote the line she throws at the stranger she meets in a casino, “No protection, no sex”. Meanwhile, Kangana’s role in the film is very entertaining as she has brought out the feminism aspect in it.

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Apurva Asrani Shares His Views On How Simran Finally Turned Out

Source: images.indianexpress.com