Big B says he is an actor, not a salesman

Big B says he is an actor, not a salesmanActor Amitabh Bachchan has been the face of several consumer products, but he isnt a salesman. Bollywood actors now-a-days promote their upcoming movies either by attending any tele serial or reality show. Now... gosh I fail to even imagine the various 'technologies' that are put into use for attention to be drawn towards a particular film. Any and every medium that has the patronage or attention of the masses is exploited for the benefit of a film on release. According to Big B, he isnt capable of marketing his movies but has to do so as per the situations demands. I am not a salesman and to expect this talent from me would be wishful thinking. But the region and area of work that we function in, has made it mandatory for all of us to succumb unwillingly into the depths of its operations.