Bigg Boss 11 Is Full Of Lots Of New Surprises!

The upcoming season of Bigg Boss is deemed to be the most interesting season ever. There are several reasons behind this; one of them is that ‘Bigg Boss 11’ will feature the biggest house in the history of the reality show. Another reason is that ‘Bigg Boss 11’ has a great surprise for all the notorious contestants who suddenly become unruly towards other contestants.

This surprise is nothing but an underground jail, which will serve as a punishment center for the ones who cause any ruckus during the show. Also, rumours are churning that some contestants could go in that jail as secret contestants. It is being said that the jail will be unveiled during the premiere of the show.

According to sources, the bankrollers of the show will ask a few contestants from one side of the house to imprison someone from the other side of the house. The channel has not yet made any official announcement regarding the contestants of Bigg Boss 11.

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Bigg Boss 11 Is Full Of Lots Of New Surprises!