Boldness is all in the head: Paoli Dam

Boldness is all in the head: Paoli DamMumbai -- Actress Paoli Dam, who plays the lead role of a sex worker in Hate Story, says boldness is a state of mind. The actress, who shot a full frontal nude sequence in Bengali movie Chatrak last year, is making news in Bollywood with the bold content of her latest film. However, Paoli insists she does not have inhibitions as an actor. "What is bold for you may not be bold for me. Boldness is a state of mind," Paoli told IANS in an interview. "As an actor I am choosy about the script and the projects that I do. But when I take a project, I don't have any dilemma about it. She added: "I want to do good cinema with good directors and banners. Script matters to me. I am a newcomer and different people have their own way of growing. I don't want to compare myself with anyone. For me bold is beautiful in its own way," she added.