Eating less is stupid, says Anushka Sharma

Eating less is stupid, says Anushka SharmaActress Anushka Sharma, whose sizzling figure has been the talk of the tinseltown lately, says shes completely against the idea of eating less. Although the actress feelsits important for young girls to be fit, she insists eating less is not a solution to it. "Fitness hasbecome such large part of our lives. There are gyms at every nook and corner. There are suchwonderful trainers. You need to get the right assistant and follow what is right for you. Don't tryto become like me or Deepika (Padukone) or Priyanka (Chopra)," she said. "Eating less is stupid.If you are eating every two hours, you are increasing your metabolic rate so you will digestthings faster. Eat healthy and eat every two hours," she added.