Emraan feels Shanghai will shed his serial-kisser image in Bollywood

Emraan feels Shanghai will shed his serial-kisser image in BollywoodMumbai -- Jannat 2 star Emraan Hashmi, who has had enough of rom-com role, feels his upcoming film Shanghai will change his serial-kisser image for always. Emraan, who is sporting a paunch, buck teeth and a darker complexion in the film, says the Dibakar Banerjee-directed political thriller will not only give a new direction to his career but also set a new benchmark for Bollywood. The actor said, "It is one of the most interesting characters that I have played in my career. Whatever was required for the character I did. Dibakar wanted me to look a certain way. I wont say it is ugly, it would be unfair to say that. Jogi (Emraans character) probably is attractive for some women". "But after playing so many cool guys who have lured everyone, this was a good change as you cant do the same thing again and again, so I tried something new," he added. The actor has also put on ten kilos weight for the character. "I would like to do more films like Shanghai. It is a turning point for our industry. Such films were perceivably niche six-seven years back, with a lot of things being pushed ahead to go into commercial zone," he said. Unlike his previous films, there is no intense scene in the film and this pleases the actor a lot. "There is a kissing scene in the film. But there is no such scene between Kalki and me. I was very happy... I dont have to indulge in it," Emraan said. The political thriller also cast Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin and Bengali superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee in a prominent role besides Emraan.