Find Out The Next Evil Move Of Maya To Kill Saanjh in Beyhadh

It seems like that Cinevistaas, who are makers of Makers of Sony Entertainment’s popular show Beyhadh, want their show’s TRP’s to be at number one spot. They are leaving no stone unturned to generate people’s curiosity. Every time they come with an interesting plot so that audience do not leave their interest in the show.

The ongoing episodes have shown Arjun, played by Kushal Tandon, and Saanjh played by Aneri Vajani, rekindling their love. The best friends who turned bitter enemies due to some confusion are starting their life afresh once again. They will once again celebrate their happiness by getting married to each other.

 But, how can the two unite if Maya, played by Jennifer Winget, is present around them? Maya, who is always jealous of Saanjh and tries everything to harm her, will once again be working her fingers to the bone to harm Saanjh. Viewers have already seen how Arjun, who is aware of Maya’s evil intensions, asked his brother Ayaan, played by Sumit Bhardwaj, to get a high level of security for his wedding so that Maya is unable to win in her tasks.

But as you know no one is aware how far Maya can go, she will once again go an extra mile to accomplish her task. A source informs, “Arjun and Saanjh will be celebrating their Sangeet function with full enthusiasm. The duo will be dancing on different Bollywood numbers. Meanwhile, a kinner (transgender) will finally manage to enter the house by bluffing the security. it will be revealed that Maya sent the kinner to spoil Arjun and Saanjh’s happiness by harming Saanjh. Maya had instructed the kinner to spike Saanjh’s drink with poison.”

Well, you need to remain hooked to the show to know whether Maya will succeed in her attempt to kill Saanjh or not. 

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Find Out The Next Evil Move Of Maya To Kill Saanjh in Beyhadh