Hema Malini Discusses Why She Wants To Be An Actor Today And Esha Deol's Pregnancy

Bollywood actor Hema Malini is one of those few former leading ladies of Indian cinema who still have a huge fan following. For industry newcomers, the original Dream Girl remains someone to emulate. However, Hema herself wishes that she were a lead actor in today’s time.

The 68-year-old actor, who has been in some of the biggest blockbusters in Bollywood — at a time when the term ‘Bollywood’ didn’t even exist — says jokingly, “Today, the payments are so huge, [that] I wish I were an actress at this time! I was getting peanuts (in comparison). But whatever I did 20-30 years back is paying me back now.”

She also opens up on how she sees actors from her generation and the current crop: “They are young and like to enjoy themselves, and I myself was like that. Dedication will come to the youngsters in due course of time. As we mature, realisation dawns that we have to do something for society, too.”

At present, Hema is extremely excited because of her daughter Esha Deol’s pregnancy. While she has made it clear earlier that she isn’t making any special preparations to welcome the newborn, like any other grandmother-to-be, she is concerned about her daughter and the child’s well-being — therefore, she is passing on some traditional wisdom to her daughter.

Hema says, “Whatever I learnt from my mother and from my own experiences when I became one, I’m sharing with Esha.” She reveals that Esha, meanwhile, has many plans: “She’s getting a nursery renovated by her designer friend Noorien Jumani, making it child-friendly. I am sure it’ll look fantastic!”