The REAL Reason Why Salman Khan Backed Out Of Akshay Kumar's Kesari

Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar’s film Kesari, based on The Battle Of Saragarhi, was supposed to be bankrolled by superstar Salman Khan. However, latest news reveals that the actor has stepped down. The reason of him backing out of the film’s unit has been unknown until now.

Recently, it has been heard that Ajay Devgn had earlier announced a film on the same topic way earlier than Karan Johar’s version starring Akshay Kumar. And according to reports, Salman Khan has been insisted by Ajay to back out from Karan Johar’s project. Salman Earlier took to his social media account where he revealed that he is onboard the Akshay Kumar’s Kesari team.

There have been some other speculations relating to Salman’s manager Reshma Shetty.  Reshma was the sole coordinator in this project and as soon as she left, it seems that Salman also lost interest in it. Moreover, filmmaker Karan announced Salman’s exit on Twitter recently. He shared a poster which read: “Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar proudly present Kesari based on one of the bravest battles fought in India The Battle Of Saragarhi. Directed by Anurag Singh starring Akshay Kumar. Releasing Holi 2019.” Adding “Extremely excited to see this exceptional and brave story unfold! Akshay Kumar, Kesari. Holi 2019”.

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The REAL Reason Why Salman Khan Backed Out Of Akshay Kumar's Kesari