I'll kill whoever links me to a married man: Bipasha Basu

I'll kill whoever links me to a married man: Bipasha BasuNew Delhi -- One of the single leading ladies in Bollywood, Bipasha Basu is eager to see which hero she is romantically linked to, next. But she's clear she won't tolerate being linked to anyone married. "As long as it is someone cute and single, I don't mind," she says with a grin, adding, "Oh, and a good body also helps."What if she is linked to a married man?, we ask. "Then I'll just go and kill the person who says it," she warns. "I have a temper, and I'm not someone who's diplomatic and doesn't show it."Basu was reported to be dating actor Rana Daggubati after breaking up with John Abraham, and at a recent event, she was spotted chatting and laughing with Shahid Kapoor, sparking off rumours that the two were doing more than just exchanging pleasantries.The actor, who recently launched a new clothing store in Mumbai, said she's clear about her fashion sense and loves her 'shorts and mini-skirt look'. "When I wore shorts to perform on-stage instead of a skin-coloured body suit, everybody said, 'Oh how could you?' But I've always worn shorts and miniskirts, and till I get wrinkled knees, I'll continue to wear them."Ask her if Bollywood celebs like her are handicapped without their stylists, and she says, "I have no time to shop and put an ensemble together. I want to buy a five-bedroom house just to store my clothes. My stylist gets 10 items of clothing to my liking, and I pick my favourite. But no, I'm not handicapped without her."