IMC terms MCAs decision unconstitutional in Shah Rukh Khan issue

IMC terms MCAs decision unconstitutional in Shah Rukh Khan issueMumbai -- Adding another twist to the Mumbai Cricket Association-Shah Rukh Khan scuffle issue, an Odisha based media organization has challenged the formers unanimous decision to ban Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan from entering the Wankhede stadium and demanded an intervention from National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). In its petition, India Media Centre (IMC) has argued that how can a private body like MCA ban a citizen from entering a public place like Wankhede stadium for five years? A local journalist and IMCs Managing Trustee, Akhand, said that this restriction is unconstitutional and a case of human rights violation as a stadium is a public place at the time of game, so any man can enter into it as per the rules. As MCA is not a court or a judicial body, it has no authority to impose a ban on anybody from entering a public place. Thus the petitioner has sought an NHRC intervention in this matter and prayed for an exemplanary verdict as a lesson for other private bodies who will not dare to impose such type of bans on anybody. The petition also said that its not only about Shah Rukh Khan, but common people as well because if such a ban will go unchallenged then the association will not hesitate from imposing such a ban on any other citizen of India in the name of misbehaviour. The organization has made Union Law Secretary, Chief Secretary of Maharashtra and Police commissioner of Mumbai parties in this case.