Indias Ghana: Arjun Rampal

Indias Ghana: Arjun RampalNo its not a comparison to Ghana in Africa, and no its not publicity for my film Chakravayuh, which has introduced me to this village called Ghana on the foothills of Pachmari. It exists and is real and is not alone there. Thousands of such villages across India make up for 80% of Indias population, this is the truth.Unlivable living conditions, no job opportunities, homes buzzing with little children, over populated and ignorant about our cities, as ignorant as the cites are about them. The quiet enveloping this village is deceptive.This situation makes this particular village a haven for an opportunist, in this case the naxalities. An easy recruitment area for their requirements. As easy as it would be to recruit them if required by an industrialist, who would want to develop this area?This is the real India and the ignorance that I have had to this truth is the reflection of this article.We need to reach out. Reach out now. So that the peaceful Ghana, that is at peace right now, doesnt turn into the Ghana we urbans are familiar with.