Akshaye Khanna Owns The Haunting, Gripping & Mysterious Trailer Of Ittefaq

An eccentric cop is at loss of patience when closing a lift door and says "tumhi aake bata do kaise door band karte hain" to the automated voice command and then even more is his casual menace to Sidharth Malhotra when he tells him - "beta tumhare jaisey bhutte yahan roz sikte hain" . Ittefaq was in the news for coming together of Sonakshi Sinha and Sidharth Malhotra for the first time but going by the trailer let me tell you Akshaye Khanna has totally stolen the show. Something like Rauf lala in Agneepath , Abhay Chopra has played a intelligent master stroke by casting Akshaye Khanna as the shrew fox cop in this one.

Akshaye Khanna Owns The Haunting, Gripping & Mysterious Trailer Of Ittefaq

The trailer is a big winner , it makes you actually notice the cast but notice the plot more. In a short span of 150 odd seconds you are presented the two conflicting versions of a double murder and that in itself is deliciously intriguing. Sonakshi in that fleeting moment of closing the door while letting Sidharth in gives a hint of the meanness in her eyes - you get a hint something about this woman is not right. Sidharth tries hard but frankly while his sincerity is visible his effort remains the weakest in the trailer.

This trailer however does not allow you to focus on negatives and quickly moves to asking us or making us through the shrewdness of Akshaye again - what is the truth ? we need to find it. A brilliant trailer which makes you now count days till November 3. The movie has polish in its production value which is visible through the trailer.

Abhay Chopra has delivered a 5 star trailer and for sure all suspense buffs will come flocking to the theater. If the content of the final movie is even half as good as this trailer then Dharma and Red Chillies have a winner on hand and Sonakshi/Sidharth duo will get that much needed Box Office hit. Whatever be the result am set to watch this first day first show as a big time fan for suspense thriller. Super trailer job team Ittefaq.

Watch the trailer here: