Jaguar should have paid me for making the car brand so popular through my song: SukhE

Punjabi rapper-singer SukhE’s career is on a roll. Two years after delivering the hit song, Jaguar, with rapper Bohemia, he feels that the car brand owners should have paid him for promoting them. “Haan, I do think that (they should have paid him). Jab mera gaana aaya tha, tab very few people knew about the car brand Jaguar. I hail from Garhshankar, a small village in Punjab, and people there didn’t even know that cars of this name existed. After the song was out, there were so many Jaguars to be seen on the roads, suddenly in places like Chandigarh!”, he laughs, adding, “Jab next part aayega, I will definitely be approaching them, ki now you have to help me out.”

SukhE, who is currently working on tracks for a couple of Bollywood films is happy that almost every Hindi film today features a Punjabi song. “At the end, what matters is result. Punjabi songs ki wajah se promotion hoti hai films ki, and thus contribute to making it a hit. But of course, making good music is a result of teamwork.” He also makes sure that the lyrics of his songs are easily understandable and thus appeal to the listeners. “It shouldn’t be such that people in Punjab are able to enjoy my songs, while people in Delhi struggle to comprehend the meaning.The most important thing for me is that the lyrics of my songs sabko easily samajh mein aane chahiye”, says the 27-year old, who recently released his new single Superstar.