Jaya Prada Reveals That Sridevi Dreamt Of Watching Her Daughters On Silver Screen

Renowned actress and politician Jaya Prada is known to have starred in movies such as Aulad, Swarag Se Sunder and Mawaali. The actress is still starring in many movies of the regional movie industries such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and Malayalam. The actress was once a big rival of the late actress Sridevi.

Regarding the death of Sridevi, Jaya said, “News of her demise seems like a bad dream. I couldn't believe it till I saw it on news channels. We worked together in several films like Tohfa”. Jaya also stated that it was the late actress’s dream to watch her daughters on the silver screen.

Jaya also recalled the time when she was at loggerheads with the late actress and in order to prevent a clash co-stars Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna had to intervene and stop them. She also revealed that she and the late actress ended their war in 2015. A glimpse of Sridevi will be seen for the last time in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie ‘Zero’.  

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Source: pbs.twimg.com