Kalki Koechlin keen on commercial success for her offbeat films

Kalki Koechlin keen on commercial success for her offbeat filmsUnlike director husband Anurag Kashyap, actress Kalki Koechlin shuffles from commercial to art movies. Talking about her upcoming flicks Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Ek Thi Daayan she managed travelling to Cannes for the screening of Gangs Of Wasseypur. Speaking about Wasseypur Kalki said that she heard French women appreciating the movie, Wow, what attitude these women have! Love it! I always thought Indian women were demure and quiet, but I love what they've done here and it's just beautiful!' and all that. It was really cool! She was extremely glad to see so many Indian movies in Cannes for the first time being applauded and said, I'm so happy that this is a sort of turning point for Indian cinema, where if - if - there's no outlet here... I don't know... there's definitely an outlet outside, and unfortunately, a lot of things like that have happened in India. The outlet is outside, the recognition is outside, and then it comes back to India. Then we start believing in the value of something. Even our own... everything is made in India, sold in Monsoon in London, brought back with double tax, and then we buy it. It's actually made in Lokhandwala (in Mumbai), and we can buy it for 100 bucks, but we want to buy it at 2,000 bucks because it's validated by being bahar ka. It's sad that that's the case, but that also means hope for an alternative kind of cinema having a future in our country. I really hope that it's the start of progress in a different kind of cinema, or at least more chances for people to show other kind of work than just Bollywood.