Kalki Koechlin's blog: Thanks for making me smile

Kalki Koechlin's blog: Thanks for making me smileIm Pavithra, an engineer from Sri Lanka. Read your article Rohtang, baby. It was amazing, I could feel the breeze when I was reading it. Here, in Sri Lanka also there are some villages that has not got the touch of urbanity. Sometimes, you should come here and enjoy our country. Thank you very much for the article. PavithraA: Hi Pavithra, Sri Lanka is on my list of places to visit. Ive heard how pretty it is.Hi Kalki,I just love ur articles. Reading the celeb-talk makes one realise that stars belong to the same race of homosapiens with the same insecurities one faces in the society. Going through ur articles is refreshing whether its about ur experience of shooting in a village or the nitty gritty experiences which comprise love. PS: Love ur smile ;) Stuti RelanA: Stuti Im glad Im still human, and thanks for making me smile some more.Hi Kalki,Im Dr Sadhna. My husband has a hindi-speaking background while Im from a english-speaking one. There have been some awkward moments but the going has been great, like you said there are many more things that go into making a successful marriage than just language. You are so right in saying that! Falling in love is a daily habit and not a one time task and even though weve spent 25 years together, the relationship is strong as ever. Thanks for your insight. SadhnaA: Sadhna 25 years gives me hope! Thank you!Hello Kalki,I really liked your article Stream of Thoughts. It made me wonder how contradictory yet almost universal it is that all of us are in search of the Real while we consciously walk our self devised trajectories. Your stream if thoughts that you beautifully weaved into words struck a chord and I feel happier. PragyaA: Wow Pragya, youve understood! I do feel naive but I cant let go of that feeling even if its a far place to reach for. At least its good to be aware of it. Wow... to see so much celebral matter in one so beautiful (no, Im not being judgmental)! You write so well. Loved your stream of thoughts. DilipA: Dilip, thank you for the huge compliment, that Im not just a pretty face!Hey Kalki,My name is Shruti, I will be 17 soon. I am a regular reader of your column. When I read the title of your last column Opinions Change Overnight I couldnt hide my astonishment. Yeay! its so true! Its amazing how people are so fickle. People who are opinionated are always discriminated. Youre among those few opinionated people who always stick to whatever they say, even if the world differs with them. ShrewA: Shrew I cant believe that youre only 17 or almost! I hope you find your way to express your opinions always in life. Im lucky enough that I got that chance. And thank you thank you thank you.By Kalki Koechlin, Hindustan Times