Kalpana Lajmi accuses Kaanch producer of harassing crew members

Kalpana Lajmi accuses Kaanch producer of harassing crew membersRenowned filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi has accused the producer of his upcoming film Kaanch, Rajiv Kashyap, of harassing the cast and crew of the woman-oriented film by stopping their payment. The director alleged that the shooting of the film starring Ila Arun and Avantika Gor, has been stalled in Bhopal as many crew members of the film are held hostage by the local hoteliers because their bills haven't been paid. On the other hand, the producer has denied any such allegation, saying shooting was stopped because of the heat. While Lajimi returned to Mumbai Tuesday evening, around 30% of the staff are still in Bhopal but Kashyap said that they are there not because of lack of money but for continued shooting. Whereas noted actor Ila Arun said that Kashyap is trying to fool the media by denying the allegations. "I was the only one to receive payment. He (Kashyap) could not fool me because he knew I'm very strict with contracts. In fact, his contract too was very loose. My husband sat with him and made a proper contract. He paid my signing amount long ago, and now it's time for my second installment. But I can't ask, seeing the condition of the unit members, who have not got even their first installment. The actress said, I have not faced such an incident in my forty-year career. Rajiv is not a professional. He should not have started the shoot because the money crunch was visible from the very first day. It was only because of Kalpanaji that I accepted this film." The producer, on the other hand is blaming director Lajmi for all the trouble. "She's mad and should be in an asylum. If Kalpana continues to behave this way, I'll change the director. She is also accusing me of sending her obscene messages. It's ridiculous. In the last three months, I have sent her just one message, and I don't think it was obscene in any sense. It was because of her abusive and bad behavior that my shoot has suffered. I've spent more than 6 lakh on her hotel and food bills."