Kangana Ranaut's Sister Rangoli Accuses Hrithik Of Leaking Kangana's Nude Pics

Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut’s sister, whose name was brought up several times by Hrithik Roshan in his interview to Arnab Goswami on Saturday, has posted a string of tweets attacking the star.

Rangoli has been taking the fight to Hrithik on social media ever since his very public fight with Kangana first began in 2016.

She asked Hrithik if he keeps insisting that he’s doing it for his kids, then why did he leak ‘a young girl’s nude pics?’

In the interview, Hrithik on several occasions said that he had communicated with Rangoli in an effort to get her to mediate between the two feuding stars.

When asked by Hrithik when he started getting concerned, he said, “We were at a wrap party in Jordan, and I was ready to retire for the night, and she wanted to talk, and I was very, very tired, so I told her we should talk in the morning,” he said. “I ordered for room service, and there was a loud knock on my door, so I went to check - this was 2012, and everyone was really happy - and it was her through the keyhole.”

“She didn’t appear to be in the right state. It was a party so you’ve had a few drinks, so I called my assistant, and he came down to her room and asked her sister to come get her.

“Did you speak to anyone about it,” asked Arnab.

“Rangoli (Kangana’s sister) came and told me not to think badly of her, and that she is a good girl,” Hrithik said, “and I said of course, I’m not for a moment judging her.”

In a string of tweets on Saturday, Rangoli wrote: