Kapil Is A Great Entertainer; If We Join Forces The World Will Watch: Krushna Abhishek

They are touted as the biggest rivals on television, but, comedians Krushna Abhishek and Kapil Sharma share the same love for entertainment on the small screen. Krushna believes that Kapil’s efforts have changed the game for entertainers on TV.

“Kapil is a great stand-up artist; very good with his work and that’s why he is a star. I am very happy because entertainment business has gone to another level now because of him. There was a time when people used to think that entertainment stars are worth only Rs 10,000 - Rs 20,000. But now, we as entertainers are the highest paid people on television, way more than leading TV actors also. You look at our billing and it’s in crores,” says Krushna.

A competitive person, Krushna says the world will be hooked to the small screen the day he and Kapil decide to come together for a show.

“Ek din jab main aur Kapil stage pe khade honge, to woh show duniya dekhne aayegi. (The day Kapil and I come together on the stage, the world will come to watch the show). There is no rivalry between us. I am a big fan of him, I have learnt a lot from him in our show Comedy Circus,” says Krushna, who is currently seen in the show The Drama Company, which airs on the same channel as The Kapil Sharma show.

Admitting that he earlier had a problem with Kapil, Krushna explains, “There was competitive vibe earlier because I had a problem with him. Comedy Circus waale usko jita dete the. I was the winner of Comedy Circus and I still did not have a problem when he started winning. But when he started dropping and still was announced the winner, I thought it was wrong. That is when the competition started.”