New Thoughts

New ThoughtsThank you all for writing to me. I was really happy to see some familiar names (Richa, I hope youre more regular with your email now) and be reminded of old times (please tell me you washed your hands eventually, Maryam). Divye, thank you for your kind words. Im so glad you enjoyed my column.There were also lots of new names, new thoughts and new questions.Vishyottama, throughout life, you will meet people who will not like you, who will judge you unfairly, and who will never give you a chance. Thats just how life is, and theres nothing you can do but make peace with it. The good news is that those people are not going to be important to you in the long run. I believe that anyone who judges me without knowing me is someone who I wouldnt want as a friend in any case, so its no big loss. Its more important to be a good friend to those who matter to you, to nurture the relationships that will support you and make you a happy person. Sonali, I understand the nervousness and confusion you must be feeling right now. You feel like the choices you make right now will determine the rest of your life, and you dont feel like youre ready to take decisions like that... Relax. Theres time. This is one situation where its never too late to change your mind, even if you have started down one path. I dont know what youll end up doing with your life. Neither do your parents, and right now, neither do you. But whatever it may be, I do believe this: eventually, you will find something that satisfies you, and makes you happy.Write to me at