Perfect plot for a 'disaster movie'

Perfect plot for a 'disaster movie'Can I just say that after the Japan earthquake, Im s**t scared of having a nuclear power plant in my backyard? Maybe working in movies has made me a bit paranoid. But Im supposed to be a hero! A hero would not be scared.In my head, a situation like that is the perfect plot for a disaster movie. Actually, I think I will write one right now! So, NGOs have been in the news lately for being anti-national and for being funded by foreigners who dont want our country to progress (for whatever reason). Hmm, our hero could be involved with an NGO. I mean lets face it, as much as NGOs can be used as a front by people, politicians and MNCs, many of them do really work.Throw in a peoples movement, a charismatic leader, state politics etc. But what is the story? Perhaps I can fictionalise a story thats actually happening? Instead of the people's movement against nuclear energy, my hero could lead a peoples movement called PAIN? In real life, spearheading this movement is a man called SP Udayakumar, who apparently has 98 criminal cases against him. Wow! He should stand for office! I love this. My hero too can be a much-loved and respected, um, criminal.So this is turning out to be a South film. Good, that would mean we can have a curvy actress as opposed to a paper-thin one. I love the South! Since this is supposed to be a peoples movement and it involves energy, there can only be two obvious villains the government and the corporates. Oh, how I love making movies, so many times the stories just write themselves! The plot thickens. Political leaders are all accusing each other. And how will it end? Will the hero end up in prison? Or will the state believe that fishermen, terrified at the sight of Fukushima, might have reason to fear the nuclear plant in their backyard. I have a promo already!