PK: a plot full of rumours

    PK: a plot full of rumours

    Aamir Khan’s upcoming film “PK” is surrounded by rumours from all sides, some proposes that Aamir actor is portraying the role an alien, while others say that he plays an alcoholic. Another bunch asserts that he plays the role of a mentally-ill individual.

    Aamir Khan says, "I don't mind the rumours at all. In fact I enjoy reading about people's anticipation. I have heard all the stories and I am amused by them. I think these should continue till the movie releases."

    Rajkumar Hirani, director of the much awaited “PK” said that the motive behind keeping all the facts about the movie hidden is to give audiences the complete experience as they watch the movie.

    Hirani quoted, "When 'Lagaan' released, I went to watch the film as I thought that it is a village-based film and I enjoy such movies. When I began watching the movie, I realized that it was a cricket film. My excitement was 10 times higher, my viewing experience became better."

    The film releases on December 19.