Priyanka Chopra competitive and happy with her career graph

Priyanka Chopra competitive and happy with her career graphPiggy Chops isnt keen on doing an item number unlike her peers, but might do one if the song is good. She has been addressed as the 100-crore heroine in Bollywood and says, Its just a phrase that everyones been latching on to you know bhhed chaal ki aadat hai. But that doesnt mean that if a film doesnt cross the 100-crore mark, its not a super hit film. So, I just think such tags are very futile. All set with the release of her new flick Teri Meri Kahaani which is about three epochs, Priyanka enjoyed a lot during the shoot. When asked about which era she belonged to she stated that, I am a full-on 21st century girl. Love plays an integral role in her life and she is happy with her career graph as of now. I am very competitive yes, but am also content with my career. I feel blessed to have been playing some really strong roles, and all in different genres too, says PC referring even to the films in hand, including Barfi and Krissh 3.