Bobby Darling’s Husband Ramneek Sharma Accuses Her Of Cheating Him

Seems like, the controversy around Bobby Darling will not die down anytime soon. She recently filed a domestic violence case against her businessman husband Ramneek Sharma and accused him of physical abuse and of having unnatural sex with her. After maintaining a dignified silence for days, her husband has now opened up on the whole matter and accused the actress of lying to him.

He revealed that Bobby lied to him that she could physically have babies. He said, “After Pakhi had a sex change, and when we fell in love, she told me that she could physically have babies, but then when I realised that she had lied to me, I told her we can have a baby through adoption, but she refused. So, my family and I were okay with that too. I was cheated on many grounds. Her hair is not real too. She wears a wig. She shouldn’t have lied to me like this. I love her. I wouldn’t have had problems with all this if she had been truthful”.

He also added that neither he nor his family had ever beaten her. Tagging her as a gold digger, Ramneek said, “We went on so many international holidays also. I continued to support her, but now she is blaming me. I have not hit her, and her dowry charges against me and my family are baseless too. We got married in a temple through Arya Samaj ritual and it doesn’t have anything like dowry”.

Now the statements will take the case to some other level. Well, we guess what Bobby has to say about the allegations made by her husband. 

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Bobby Darling’s Husband Ramneek Sharma Accuses Her Of Cheating Him