Shanghai creates buzz all over

Shanghai creates buzz all overDibakar Banerjees most awaited movie of the year Shanghai has crossed the profit margin all over the world. "Shanghai' was never made to be the blockbuster of the year. We never thought even this would happen. We spent Rs.12 crore in the making and Rs.8 crore in the marketing. From Monday, we have been making profits. This was our aim and we have done it," he told reporters Tuesday at Juhu PVR. The movie was released last Friday, picked up pace during the weekend with openings Rs. 3.2 crore earnings on the first day and the collection went up by 30 percent Saturday and 35 percent Sunday. Banerjee has also received accolades from the masses, I have got 200 texts from people in the industry, my college, school, neighbourhood and all. They loved the film and really got the film. He has also thanked the media for its contribution in promoting the film. "The film has impacted people regardless of the fact whether they are actors or normal people like us. There are a lot of people who have not liked the film, which is good. If a film polarizes people and if they are talking about it, then it can't be ignored."