Sholay to be made in 3D

Sholay to be made in 3DMumbai - Legendry producer-director G.P.Sippys grandson, Shaan Uttam Singh, who also owns the copyright of mega movie Sholay, has reportedly decided to remake the 1975 iconic film in 3D. It is also reported that Sholay 3D would be released on August 15 this year. However, the idea of making a 3D version of the blockbuster is not new, earlier also such reports have come but none of them were true. Jayanti Lal Gada, CMD of Pen India Private Ltd, said that the idea of remaking Sholay was given by those who held the copyright. She feels that there could be no other movie which has the potential to appeal more to the Indian audience, if remade. Even after two decades of releasing, the film gets a record TRP when aired on television, so it is not far-fetched to assume that the 3D version will be a big hit, she added.