Stream of thoughts

Stream of thoughtsIts time to hand in my column but I have nothing. I have been working round the clock and I really havent thought of anything to write this week. So mainly out of laziness but partly because I didnt want to write something half hearted, I decided to flick through my old notebooks and find something interesting.I am just going to share with you this crazy, no coma, no full stop, stream of thought I had noted down about four years ago when I was brainstorming for my play The Skeleton Woman. Take a deep breathA search for something real amongst the glittering flashing lights sparkling glasses with something bubbly and expensive inside amongst the stuck on smiles of painted lips and gorgeous skinny beautiful bodies dancing all around what is a touch a caress when all senses are dulled by cloned perfection where is the voice when all you can hear is the buzz of millions going this way that way the only way no way anyway little sparks of honesty choking in smoke filled rooms of regret and weak nicely packaged cigarettes and luxury and fame and false dreams and expectations rooms full of big fat sharks with sharp teeth sliding through delicate skin like a hot knife through butter god Im so hungry no food except some frozen bits of fish but lots of bubbly expensive stuff to spare silvery icy dresses sweeping past silvery icy eyes staring through straight through am I invisible spinning faster bumpety bumping bumpety bumping into shiny lies through living ghosts past sickness ramming right into anger and wastefulness and nothingness bad times endless sleepless nights half dead daylights violent bumps of loosing loved ones loosing innocence loosing just loosing starving soul in search of something real so breakable so tangled so fragile if I reach out to touch it will I crumble into a million pieces?