Supernatural genre creates a buzz in Bollywood

Supernatural genre creates a buzz in BollywoodMumbai -- Supernatural genre has created a buzz in Bollywood these days and actors have also shown their interest in a big way. This has created a craze among the film fraternity and even trade experts have agreed to it. Vampire movies in the West especially the Twilight series, have been well-received and is an encouraging factor for directors. While spirit hauntings and demonic possessions have been explored, in Bollywood we still associate zombies and vampires to Saamri and films like that. So its certainly exciting to see A-listers show a keen interest in these topics. Vampires especially are the flavour in the West too more so recently if we guage. Big names getting into the genre are bound to change the way these films are perceived. Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt too feels that such topics always interest the human psyche. So its fun exploring endless possibilities on screen, says Vikram, explaining his fascination for the supernatural.