The six-pack syndrome

The six-pack syndromeLights camera action...should be the words motivating an actor, but nowadays, its no pain no gain, diets and innumerable crunches. Starving before a bare-body shot. All this, but for what? Where are those days when an actor relied on just talent and not abs to do a film from Amitji to Al Pacino.Without having pumped up bodies, they looked convincing when they pulled an air-craft down with a rope or slammed the Columbian mafia. Then came along a generation, who changed their bodies to mould their personalities. Its good to be healthy and fit. No doubt, a lot of awareness was created, but please dont make it a qualification.I love my food, and I would love to get fat for a part, or skinny, or ripped. Metamorphosis is an actors calling, not getting stereotyped his challenge. If rules are meant to be broken, then this one has to go.