Top Brands Continue To Bank On Sushant Singh Rajput!

The popular Bollywood actor wants to believe in the brands that he endorses! The strong connect of the actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, with Gen X audience is the reason why big brands are hitting on him persistently. Let’s find out why the actor continues to stay in demand for the biggest brands!

Bollywood actors also make a substantial amount of money with brand endorsements, apart from the movies they do. The M.S Dhoni actor is also receiving multitude of offers from numerous brands. His dashing personality and style appeals the audience in a more influential way, according to the biggest brands. The hero of the films is also the hero for the brands at present.

According to a brand source, the career of talented Sushant is helping him to seize endorsements. He said, “Sushant’s career has been about living the Great Indian Dream. Brands are happy to associate with him because of his strong connect with the Gen-X audience. He is also associated with both substance and style.” Also, the actor has reduced the money charged by him for the brands he strongly believes in. He would be seen shooting for the commercials shortly.

The movie star is also hitting the floor of the commercials!

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Top Brands Continue To Bank On Sushant Singh Rajput!