Udit Narayan Comes To Aditya Narayan's Rescue After Viral Video Shows Him Arguing With Ground Staff

Aditya Narayan is yet to comment on a viral video that shows him abusing and threatening the ground staff of IndiGo airlines at Raipur airport. However, his father, veteran singer Udit Narayan has come to his defence. “Main itna hi kehna chahunga that since his childhood he has been a good boy aur usne acha kaam kiya hai and pata nahi yeh waha pe kya aapas mein jhagda hua, discussion hua. Video mein toh woh gusse mein lag raha hai (All I want to say is that since his childhood he has been a good boy and has done good work. I don’t know what happened there between them. He looks angry in the video).

In the video uploaded online on Sunday, the singer is heard saying that the airline can bar him from boarding the flight, but he will reach Mumbai at some point, and he will ensure that the particular airline official is dealt with. “My name is not Aditya Narayan if I don’t get your underwear removed,” he yells, and walks off in the minute-long video.

The tiff allegedly happened when Aditya was asked to pay Rs 13000 for excess baggage, but the 30-year-old insisted on paying only Rs 10000.

Reacting to this, Udit says, “I don’t know the exact incident because I was not there. I saw the viral video on television. Main kya kahu iss baare mein kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai (I don’t know what to say to this). I think you should talk to Aditya.”

Udit Narayan Comes To Aditya Narayan's Rescue After Viral Video Shows Him Arguing With Ground Staff

The airline has issued a statement about the incident and said that Aditya was allowed to travel only after an apology:

Today on 6E-258 (Raipur-Mumbai), Mr Aditya Narayan, travelling with a group of 5 people, was carrying excess baggage of 40 kgs. The amount to be paid for the carriage of excess baggage came to 13000 INR. He refused to pay this amount to the female check in staff member and said that he will not pay more than 10000 INR for the excess baggage and also used unparliamentary language with the female staff member.

While making a video, he pointed a finger at the Duty Manager and again used profanity. When politely asked to be civil and not use such language as there were other passengers and female staff members present, he started shouting even louder and used abusive words which we are refraining from mentioning here.

He was informed that if he continues to misbehave he will not be allowed to travel.

Later, passenger Mr Narayan apologised to the ground staff and thereafter was given the boarding cards.

We at IndiGo can at no point compromise the dignity of our staff members or passengers. (sic)

But, Udit says, “Airlines ki taraf se toh kuch hai bhi nahi aaya, agar waha se kuch aata toh pata chalta. Ab pata nahi kisne video banaya and har jagah daal diya. Meri Aditya se iss baare mein kuch baat nahi hui hai.” (We haven’t received any information from the airline. I don’t know who made this video and uploaded it everywhere. I haven’t even spoken to Aditya about it).