Wake Up Sid director thrashed by crew member

Wake Up Sid director thrashed by crew memberMumbai -- Wake Up Sid director Ayan Mukherjee has reportedly been beaten by one of his own crew members on the set of his upcoming film Jawaani Deewani. According to a close source, the fight started over a petty issue and before Ayans close friend and hero of the film Ranbir Kapoor could reach the scene, things went out of control. "Seems Ayans assistants were using the camera of this guy, Vishwas Batra, who was sent to shoot the making of the film, without his assent but the latter didnt like it and brought it to Ayans notice. However, the problem wasnt resolved even after a couple of days, the source said. Then one night, over drinks, Vishwas again reminded Ayan of the incident and that it interfered with his work but the director took the side of the assistant directors and went a little overboard saying some very nasty things to him, the source added. "Maybe because he was a little drunk, Ayan said those things. But Vishwas seemed to have had enough. By the time Ranbir Kapoor got there to control the situation, the director had been hurt and was bleeding from his nose," he said.