Watch Paan Singh Tomar This Weekend!

Watch Paan Singh Tomar This Weekend!What you should watch this weekend:1. Paan Singh Tomar (4 Stars): Irrfan Khan does it again! The film has an interesting story-line, captivating music and exceptional acting! The length is a little tiresome and the story lags in places but all in all it's a brilliant movie. Don't miss it!2. The Iron Lady (3.5 Stars):Even with a few flaws in the films scripting and execution, Oscar winner Meryl Streeps stupendous performance puts them all in the shade and makes The Iron Lady an enjoyable experience.3. The Devil Inside (4 Stars):The horror movie buffs are in for a treat this weekend! The Devil Inside is a short and precise spine-chilling movie with unexpected twists that keep you at the edge of your seats. What not to watch this weekend:1. London Paris New York (2.5 Stars):LPNY has a disengaging script and a very disconnected story. Even after a fair performance by Zafar and mildly decent music we still don't recommend you make a trip to the theater for this one.2. Diary of a Butterfly (2 Stars):This movie has pathetic acting, horrible camera work and a ridiculous script. The only thing you may just enjoy is laughing at it's stupidity.