Everything You Need To Know About The Real Haseena Parkar

    Everything You Need To Know About The Real Haseena Parkar

    Everything You Need To Know About The Real Haseena Parkar

    Shraddha Kapoor is all set to enthrall her fans as underworld don Haseena in this week’s release Haseena Parkar. But do you know who she was?

    At five feet two inches, Haseena Parkar alias Aapa struck terror into her rivals in the underworld. Born seventh in the family of 12 children to her parents and being the younger sister of India’s most wanted don Dawood Ibrahim, her rise into underworld was rather simple.

    Haseena entered the crime world only after her husband Ismail Parkar was murdered by Arun Gawli’s gang in 1991. It saw Haseena taking control of D-Company’s operations in Mumbai. Like any other underworld kingpin Haseen grabbed land, extorted money, kidnapped, ordered killings and was much brutal than her male counterparts in the business.

    Haseena taking control of operations in Mumbai actually helped Dawood. In the ‘90s, it was said that no building could be constructed in areas controlled by D-Company without her approval and it came at a cost. Haseena needed a helping hand and thus she tried to draft her son Danish into her business but he died in a car crash in 2006.

    That, in a way, started her downfall. In April 2007, Mumbai police registered a complaint of extortion against Haseena and her associates for taking Rs 30 lakh from a real estate agent Vinod Avlani, but she was not the one to give in so easily.

    After making the Mumbai police chase her for months, she eventually turned up before a court and was granted bail. Little was heard of Haseena after this case. Those who kept an eye on her work believe that Dawood advised her to lie low.

    In July 2014, Haseena complained of chest pain and was admitted to Habib Hospital in South Mumbai were she died of cardiac arrest.

    Haseena, the movie based on her life and starring Shraddha Kapoor  released on 22nd of September.