This Is Why Zarina Wahab Is Not Speaking About Kangana Ranaut

Recently, at the TV show 'Aap Ki Adalat' actress Kangana Ranaut opened up about the mental torture she received from Aditya Pancholi during her earliest phase as a struggling actress. But Pancholi’s wife Zarina Wahab chose to remain silent and not speak up about the subject. Kangana, who belongs from Himachal Pradesh landed in Mumbai at a very young age.

The actress shared her early life in the industry on the show where she declared that Pancholi has harassed her for a very long time. However, a close friend of Zarina and Aditya Pancholi said that Kangana's allegations made against Pancholi are false and especially that Zarina refused to help when Kangana asked her to be rescued from Aditya’s unwanted attentions should not be believed. Their friend further said that Kangana never went to Zarina with such a request.

Moreover, Zarina’s friend revealed, “The fact is that Zarina took Kangana under her wings when she was new to Mumbai and looked after her like her own daughter. She gave her the keys of a spare apartment. Kangana walked away with Zarina’s husband in return. This is the gratitude she gets. And now Kangana is making up conversations that never happened”. Meanwhile, it seems that Kangana will remain a special controversial character in Bollywood. 

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This Is Why Zarina Wahab Is Not Speaking About Kangana Ranaut