Amy Winehouses 3m wealth to be owed by her parents

Amy Winehouses 3m wealth to be owed by her parentsLondon -- Amy Winehouses 3 million property will be possessed by her parents, Mitch and Janis as she didnt leave a will. According to The Sun newspaper, Amy had more than 4,257,580 in assets, with 2,944,554 remaining after taxes and unpaid bills.Even her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil wouldnt inherit the wealth after her sudden demise due to alcohol consumption. ''Had she made a will, Blake may have well been left something -- not cash, perhaps an investment. Amy still loved him when she died. ''The way things are, Mitch and Janis have been handed the estate. They're sensible and shrewd so it's probably for the best Blake doesn't get anything.'' Amy split from a two-year chaotic marriage to Blake and her company Cherry Westfield was worth 2,004,963 at the time of her death, while her second business, CW Touring, was worth just 8,032 compared to 142,012 in 2009.