Andrew Garfield Feels Social Media Isn't Beneficial

Actor Andrew Garfield does not feel social media useful and that is why he avoids using it. The actor feels that social media do not contribute in development of a person. He said that social media doesn't seem nourishing to him.

The 34-year-old actor said, "There are different experiences I have. The best is when you come out of the stage door and someone hands you a letter in which they thanked me for saving their life. That is the best part of fame".

He further added, "Then there is this weird idolising, and I relate because there are people I meet where I say, 'You're a god', and feel them getting incredibly uncomfortable. If I was in the presence of any of those (Mahatama Gandhi, Lamar, Rylance], it would take me a while to be at ease (especially Gandhi) because he's dead".

On a related note, the actor is awaiting the release of his next flick ‘Breathe’ which is a 2017 biographical drama. 

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Andrew Garfield Feels Social Media Isn't Beneficial