Britney Spears rejected by Simon Cowell for judging X-Factor?

Britney Spears rejected by Simon Cowell for judging X-Factor?Though Britney Spears has shown keen interest in joining the judges' panelof X-Factor, television producer Simon Cowell has reportedly rejected the formerly troubled teen idolfor the show doubting her ability to deliver good advice. According to a Us magazine report, the musicmogul isn't excited about the prospect of Britney joining the X-Factor as judge as he will prefer someonewith a little more experience in the business. "Simon's worried she won't be able to deliver good advice,and he's afraid contestants won't take her seriously," a close source of the British producer said. Theproducer doesn't want his programme's brand to be associated with the formerly troubled teen idol andwhen it comes to filling the vacant spots on the panel, he'll probably go more in the direction of MariahCarey or Janet Jackson, the source added.