Diana Rigg Recalls Her Time As A Bond Girl

Hollywood Veteran actress Diana Rigg is portraying a remarkable role as Olenna Tyrell in the popular drama series Game Of Thrones. The actress recently opened about her role in the 1969 James Bond movie ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. She exhibited that she had a great time portraying the role of a Bond girl in the movie.

The actress played as Tracy Draco in the spy movie. Rigg termed the shooting of the movie as a ‘profligate’ experience. Diana was quoted as saying, "My God, I loved it. It was so profligate money was no object. There was a 10-second bit where I looked at my watch. And they sent for a watchmaker to arrive with a case full of watches”.

She further added, "I just chose one, and they gave it to me. I also had a huge beautiful fox fur coat that I wore in the film, and they gave it to me! I loved it". The actress closed her statement mentioning that she had no idea about the concept of Game of Thrones while signing up for her role as the Lady Tyrell.

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Diana Rigg Recalls Her Time As A Bond Girl

Source: images6.fanpop.com