Dieting a strict no-no for Jennifer Lawrence

Dieting a strict no-no for Jennifer LawrenceLondon, March 3 -- Like many others who find it very difficult to stick to their dieting plans, Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence also does not enjoy depriving herself of food to remain in shape and prefers to exercise."I hate saying, 'I like exercising'. I want to punch people who say that in the face. But it's nice being in shape for a movie, because they basically do it all for you. It's like, 'Here's your trainer. This is what you can eat'. I don't diet. I do exercise! But I don't diet. You can't work when you're hungry, you know?," said the 21-year-old star.According to a report published in Showbizspy, the actress, who is playing the lead role of Katniss Everdeen in her forthcoming movie 'The Hunger Games', admits she is worried about the fame the role will undoubtedly bring."I feel like I got a ticket to go to another planet and I'm moving there and there's no turning back, and I don't know if I'm going to like that other planet or have friends there. It's daunting. The people who used to ignore me at parties, now they're nice to me and kissing my ass. But nobody's staked outside of my house," she added.