EdSkrein Replaced By Daniel Dae Kim In Hellboy Reboot

After Ed Skrein opted out of ‘Hellboy’ reboot, the makers approached the former ‘Hawaii Five-0’ star Daniel Dae Kim to step into his shoes. Ed backed out of the project after there was an objection when an Asian-American character in the supernatural action adventure series was defeated. Ed gave his nod for the project in August, but decided to back out of the project after there was a huge protest on social media.  

Daniel will essay the role of a rugged military member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Major Ben Daimio. Because of a supernatural encounter, Ben Daimio can transform into a jaguar when he is angered or in pain. In the Hellboy comics which was created by Mike Mignola. S, the character was of Japanese-American origin.

“It is clear that representing this character in a culturally accurate way holds significance for people, and that to neglect this responsibility would continue a worrying tendency to obscure ethnic minority stories and voice in the Arts. I feel it is important to honor and respect that,” said Skrein in a statement. The film also features Ian McShane and Milla Jovovich. ‘Game of Thrones’ director Neil Marshall is at the helm of affairs for the project. 

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EdSkrein Replaced By Daniel Dae Kim In Hellboy Reboot

Source:  images.indianexpress.com