Egyptian Director Amr Salama’s Next Is 'Iraqi Sniper'?

Egyptian director Amr Salama is all set to remake 'American Sniper', which is the biggest war movie of all time. The director is said to dislike the Clint Eastwood's 2014 box-office smash and has titled his remake as ‘Iraqi Sniper’. The remake will be telling the story about the antagonist, which featured in the original film.

In the earlier version, Bradley Cooper was seen starring as top U.S. marksman Chris Kyle, whereas his chief antagonist in Mustafa was a mysterious sniper on the side of the Iraqi insurgents. Moreover, the director said, “He's the hero in my film. I hated it. That was my inspiration - I hated it so much that I wanted to work on a different version of that story”.

Further, taking about his remake the director said that he is trying to make an antiwar film as the previous film ‘American Sniper’ was pro-war. The film is currently being scripted and it will be produced by prolific Egyptian producer Mohamed Hefzy. ‘Iraqi Sniper’ is still in developing process and the lead character is said to be played by the sniper in American Sniper Sammy Sheik.

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Egyptian Director Amr Salama’s Next Is 'Iraqi Sniper'?