Eva Longoria longs to be a producer

Eva Longoria longs to be a producerAmerican actress Eva Longoria, whose long-running TV show Desperate Housewiveshas just ended, is now planning to don the cap of a producer. However, she is not taking any breakfrom acting and is open to new roles, Showbiz reported. "I love behind the scenes. The reason I loveto produce is I have a very strong business mind so I like putting the pieces together. I like the creativeprocess, Eva said. "As an actor, you don't control anything but the performance. You don't edit, youdon't direct, you don't build sets, you don't write it and you really have no control over the outcome.As a producer you have a lot of control so I'm kind of a control freak. I'm really bossy and I really enjoybeing behind the camera and I definitely will be doing more of it," she added.