Family Guy Ashton Kutcher Gets Sentimental Regarding Parenthood

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher was last seen in Annie, which was helmed by Simon Goodspeed. The actor is starring in numerous television series these days such as The Ranch and Family Guy. The Two and a Half Men star recently became sentimental regarding parenthood.

The 39-year-old actor revealed that he has become a better child after becoming a parent. The Jobs star exhibited his feelings that now he realises the amount of sacrifices his parents have made for him and how much his parents love him. Kutcher was quoted as saying, "As soon as I had kids, I called my parents and apologised because I had no idea how much they loved me".

The actor has two children with his spouse Mila Kunis. The actor shared that he celebrates everyday with his family. The actress further added, "That celebration happens every day I open the door,every day I go in their room and see them in the morning,every day we share a little secret or pass a message to each other. The act of being a father in itself is the gift". The actor will be next seen in ‘The Long Home’ which is under post-production and is helmed by Nathan Winer Sr.

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Family Guy Ashton Kutcher Gets Sentimental Regarding Parenthood