Freida Pinto loves to challenge fashion critics

Freida Pinto loves to challenge fashion criticsIndian-American actress Freida Pinto does not feel pressurized by her red carpet appearances and selects her dresses according to her own choice and not thinking about what fashion critics will say. The Hollywood star, who is presently at the Cannes Film Festival, said she likes to fly in the face of the fashion police, Showbiz Spy reported. "I really don't worry about things like being on the red carpet. To me it's a treat. It's kind of fun when you're the best dressed and I don't care when I'm seen as the worst dressed, Freida said. "Ultimately for me, I just have to be happy with what I'm wearing. That's all the matters. I just go, 'I love this dress and I'm going to wear it no matter what people say.' I think that's the only way to be," Slumdog Millionaire actor said. The actress, who is proud of her ethnicity, stated, "I think it's important to be extremely proud of one's origins...I am first and foremostan actress of Indian origin. I'll never forget where I'm from".