Gary Barlow takes wife on date every week

Gary Barlow takes wife on date every weekIn an attempt to keep the spark alive in their marriage, Take That singer Gary Barlow makes it sure that he has a date night with his dancer wife Dawn once a week. He feels its necessary to spend time together with the spouse without interruptions to make the marriage work. ''When my wife and I decided to relocate to London from Cheshire, we made a pact that, regardless of how busy we both were, we'd eat out once a week. Seven years later, we haven't missed a date yet, the singer said. ''We get to shrug off the constant noise of sharing a house with three children, and even get the chance to finish sentences without being interrupted by a tantrum, fight or a wet nappy, Gary said, adding, these evenings are sacred to not only his wife, who is pregnant with Gary fourth child, but also to him and their marriage. We talk, plan, laugh, gossip, drink and get full. We love to eat out,'' he told Style magazine.