Hollywood Executive Physically Abused Terry Crews

Recently, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was charged with harassing many women and one star have revealed that he has also faced the same with. Former American football player Terry Crews has recently opened up about an incident where he was molested by a Hollywood executive. The 49-year-old actor was inappropriately touched in front of his wife Rebecca, at a Hollywood function.

The actor took to his social media to reveal this incident and wrote, “This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to ME. My wife & I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high-level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates”. The reason for sharing his case is to give hope to others in any such incident that occurs in future. He expresses that after the incident he realised why women don’t speak up about these things.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine further wrote, “Who's going 2 believe you? ( few) What r the repercussions?(many) Do u want 2 work again? (Yes) R you prepared 2b ostracized?(No). Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless”. After his post, many celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have claimed Weinstein of hurting them.

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Hollywood Executive Physically Abused Terry Crews

Source: i4.mirror.co.uk