I am a big fan of Tarsem Singh: Julia Roberts

I am a big fan of Tarsem Singh: Julia RobertsPretty Women actress Julia Roberts reveals that one of the biggest reasons why she signed Mirror Mirror was the chance to work with Tarsem Singh as the Hollywood superstar is a big fan of the Indian-origin film director. Julia told Femalefirst that she is so crazy about Singh that she said yes to the film just to get an opportunity to have lunch with him. "It was just Tarsem. I'm so crazy about thatguy, there's no two ways about it. He's so remarkable and his point of view is so original and massive. I really just wanted to have lunch with him," Roberts said. The Hollywood beauty added, "I didn't really care what we were going to talk about, you know, and then he spins his web and there's no getting outof it".